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Every month a new candle fragrance will be released that we think you will love.


There will be a limited supply of these so once they are sold out they won't be restocked.


Poured into the new large Willowvale Road branded matte black glassware with matching lid.


Burn time approx. 48 hours

Limited Edition Fragrances

$48.00 Regular Price
$38.00Sale Price

    It is imperative that the first time you light your candle, burn it until the liquid covers the entire top of the candle as this creates the burn memory and will stop the candle from forming a crater and wasting wax in future burns.
    Never burn a candle for more than 4 hours as will not only waste scent, it could cause the candle to become excessively hot.
    Before every burn trim the wick to 6 mm which will prevent the candle burning too fast and excessive smoking. Sometimes you will notice a ‘mushrooming’ of the wick. To provide the cleanest burn possible, we recommend you remove the black ‘mushroom’ before burning and periodically during the burning. Failure to do this may lead to a “Wax Pool Fire” where the entire candle may appear to ignite. This is caused when a hot piece of untrimmed wick drops into the melted wax pool and ignites it.
    Always keep your candle covered after it has cooled to prevent a dust build up and scent evaporation.
    Never burn a candle in a draughty room, near curtains other flammable materials and always keep out of reach of children and animals. Always leave 1 - 2 cm of wax in the bottom of the container, let it harden, then dispose of the used candle, or in the case of the deluxe glass container, hand wash and use in other forms (like storing cotton buds)

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